Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick 08


I received a lipstick from my sister - in - law, over the past couple months. I have to admit, I'm not that much of a fan, when it comes to lipsticks. When I held the package, I felt somewhat more interested of what it could look like and how much of it is inside, instead of the actual look it gives. When I unwrapped it, I was surprised at how neat it looked, despite it having to undergo a lot of mishandling at the airport. It was neatly packed, all 5 of them. She told me to select a colour and I chose the Rosetto.

I'd like to enhance my natural features by using subtle shades of make up, but sometimes, I love to go overboard just to get that matte, edgy, western look. The only shade that I will always love is deep desaturated pinks, that almost look like they belong more to the beige family. I gotta say, I'm starting to like the lipstick already.

The packaging looks very much promising, it looks exactly as the price is worth. It's black, simple and elegant. I love the fact that they included Kate Moss' signature on the cover. It made me feel like Kate Moss personally signed it for me. The texture of the tube feels like matte. It's made of plastic, so it's very lightweight. A Rimmel logo, is digitally etched on the metal part of the lipstick tube. On the top of the plastic lid is an etched crown icon, that is also part of Rimmel's logo. I'm rating this very high, as it will not cause my make up bag to be too heavy! (hahaha)

As for the product itself, each tube contains 0.14 oz or 4 g worth of lipstick. At first, I was a little skeptical about the amount of product. I feel like I might just use this for a very short time. To me, it's a little bit not what I expected. Though, I'm not gonna lie, this product's perfect description would be "a little goes a long way". True enough, after a few months of using this product, I was still able to see its triangular shape, just like it looked like, when I first opened this product.

I tested the product, since it is supposedly long lasting. I have to say the product's ability to stay on the lips varies depending on the events. I'm very much happy with it to stay for a good 6 hours, when I was at work. Although there is just a slight problem as to when I drink from a glass. I get a little bit of lip stains. Since I like to stay hydrated, I drink a lot, though my lips did not show that much signs of bear spots on my lips, which I find okay. I always assume that when lipstick does not wear off easily, it could and might contain high levels of lead.

I'm very much certain that this lipstick is very safe and uses quality ingredients. As I said to my previous post about "Let's Get Real With Acne", My skin is very very very sensitive. This lipstick did not cause me to breakout near the lips and cheek areas. It is lightly scented, but it does not bother my skin. I love how it smells on my lips and that it doesn't irritate my sinus that much. Lastly, DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS THING IS IMMORTAL? I swear it is super duper immortal! By that, I mean this lipstick has fallen off the table more than 7 times. I even dropped it face down (with a cap on) and it has not split into half, nor did it stick to the insides of the tube! What is this science?!!

I recommend purchasing "Rimmel Long Lasting Finish by Kate Moss" lipstick, if you like the more subtle natural look. It's perfect for an everyday fresh look, that will give your lips the signature pout just like Kate Moss', without it looking too strong on your outfit. It sells for about $4.92 at (original price) but it is now on sale for $3.94 (as of Sept 1). All Rimmel products are at 20% discount, as a special offer in website, so head on over and purchase one if you'd like.

Let me know which shade you got. I'm also thinking of trying out the other shades! :)

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Photos & Words by Kat

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