Friday, August 26, 2016

Let's Get Real With Acne


ACNE – That’s the 4 letter word I hate the most! Let me begin by saying that not everyone has perfect skin. Admit it. Everyone gets it. Although when puberty leaves you but your acne decides to stay, you’re stuck to facing those dreadful red spots until whenever. I am one of those people who have had bad acne for 10 years now. Imagine living through hell for most of my high school and college days. I used to go into countless appointments at the derma, going back and forth. I’m so tired of waking a few minutes earlier just to do my daily routine, putting on slabs of medicinal creams on my face. I just want it to end!

My skin is THE WORST. It’s sensitive, dry and oily. Some people used to ask me the same question “how do I live with it?” and I simply reply to them with “I just live with it”. Yes it came to the point that the acne is part of myself and it will never end. Though I do want to see my face clear up someday, I decided it was time to quit my old habits. I’m a smoker for 5 years now – I know it’s bad. Recently I’ve decided to change my ways and be healthier. I started eating green leafy vegetables, drinking lots of water and finally quit the old habit. Things did seem to be a little better, although I still get a few zits along the way. I thought to myself, “This has got to stop!”

Due to my acne, I’ve had dark scars covering up on my cheeks, forehead and chin. I came across the brand called “Celeteque DermoScience +”. I use this brand because it is the only one that does not irritate my skin. It is Dermatologist Tested, Non – Comedogenic and Hypo – Allergenic, 3 of my favourite words to hear in a product. I started using this brand for more than 4 years now and it has not let me down since. It’s available at supermarkets and drugstores from where I live, which is in Quezon City, Philippines. If you want to purchase one, the product ranges from around Php 200 – 500 depending on the size.


I had gone to a different dermatologist, which my cousin’s wife recommended to me. When I was there having my consultation, the Derma immediately asked me what type of shampoo I’m using. Apparently, my old shampoo was causing me those pimples. The reason behind me changing to a different shampoo was because I’m allergic to the scent. So if you think that it might also be the cause of your acne, I suggest to do the same thing and switching to an unscented, organic shampoo.


My derma told me to stick with my cleanser, which is the “Celeteque DermoScience + Brightening Facial Wash” to wash my face before putting on my prescribed medicinal face creams and a very mild Kojic Acid cream. I love how the product sticks to its promise, that it does help brighten up my skin and dark spots. What makes me want to keep using this face wash is that it does not have any beads that serves as a scrub because not only is it bad for the ocean, but my skin does not tolerate any form of abrasions, as it leads to scaring. This is a perfect cleanser for me! It foams up pretty nicely, even when I apply a pea sized amount of it on my palm.


I am also in love with their facial moisturizer, which is water based – great for my skin type. I use this only because I tend to skip my prescribe medicinal face creams on Sundays. I happen to sometimes feel lazy to put on 3 different creams on my face, so I just keep this Moisturizer on thinly just so my skin won’t get too dry in the morning. I especially like this product when I am out in the colder days. As I said my skin is pretty weird. It gets very dry when the weather is cold, then it gets oily when the temperature is hot and humid. At the end of the day, these products really delivers as it helps make my skin healthier.

Hopefully this has helped you girls who have been struggling with acne. If you have any more questions, just feel free to message me. I would love to recommend a good dermatologist if you’d like, If you want me to send you my daily skin routine, leave an e-mail. I know a pretty good mild Kojic Acid cream that you might want to try!

Photos & Words by Kat

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