Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 Badass Babe Outfits You Should Try


Last week, I found myself literally staring at my closet thinking “What the hell should I wear this school year!?” Yep, that’s right! Summer has come to an end and I have NO idea what to wear! As you all know, I’m on my second degree this coming S.Y. 2016 – 2017. I thought to myself “It’s time to shake things up” and by that, I mean it was time for a wardrobe check.

Being 22 in college feels like somewhat between feeling too young and at the same time, too old. I worked as a Photographer at an advertising company, right after I graduated last year and the feeling of too young scared the fashion sense in me. Mind you most of my workmates looked so business-y and professional. On that note, I’m here looking like a distressed teen. So I’ve this feeling that since I’ll be going back to college, I didn’t want to look like a teenager. Most cases because I’m not so young anymore. I wouldn’t want to go through printed shirts and messy backpacks. Point is… I feel like I need to dress up more often, because I’m basically “adulting”.

If you’re like me, here’s what I mixed and matched at

Boss Babe  is perfect for those types of people who want to be in focus and who wants to keep an eye on their goals. In this set, I’ve mixed heavy and light colors with a hint of gold and green accents. This emphasizes the perfect balance of masculine and feminine items, just like how a Boss Babe would love to wear.

Rebel Babe is just right for those who are Rebel by heart. If you love things dark and mysterious, this look is made for you. In this set, I’ve included a dark shade of red, to compliment the snake skin pumps. I’ve added in golden rings to replicate toughness, as well as the skull stud earrings. To finish the look, I thought a little white iridescent shade of lipstick would set the “uniqueness” factor. After all Coco Chanel did said not to be like the rest of them.

Chic Babe are for those who are down for a photo shoot in the city. Think Parisienne Blogger meets the busy streets of New York. This set is tailored for those who love versatility and design. Red is a symbol of passion, a color only for those who have a big heart when it comes to fashion. Pair it with a Gold watch and you’ll look like a million dollars on a roll.

Modern Babe is for those who have an open minded attitude when it comes to dressing up. She is a master, when it comes to pulling off something very modern and retro at the same time. If you love the fashion brand Acne Studios, then you might want to give this outfit a try. One thing for sure is that not one person will have the same outfit as you have, because of how eccentric it is. Plus the crystal ring is just love!

Classic Babe never fails when it comes to creating an outfit, especially when you’re late for a meeting or class. This screams business. It’s a perfect outfit for those unplanned dinners out with your workmate. Pair it with the Anne Klein watch and the Stella McCartney loafers, you’ll be next in line for a promotion!

So, which one do you like the most?

Collage & Words by Kat

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