Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mount Pinatubo

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IL-FORD PAN-F by Filmborn

Just look at how beautiful Mount Pinatubo is.

4x4 ride

The trail

The crater lake

IL-FORD PAN-F by Filmborn

P.S. Did you know these photos were all taken using a phone camera?

Photos & Words by Jamie

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick 08

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I received a lipstick from my sister - in - law, over the past couple months. I have to admit, I'm not that much of a fan, when it comes to lipsticks. When I held the package, I felt somewhat more interested of what it could look like and how much of it is inside, instead of the actual look it gives. When I unwrapped it, I was surprised at how neat it looked, despite it having to undergo a lot of mishandling at the airport. It was neatly packed, all 5 of them. She told me to select a colour and I chose the Rosetto.

I'd like to enhance my natural features by using subtle shades of make up, but sometimes, I love to go overboard just to get that matte, edgy, western look. The only shade that I will always love is deep desaturated pinks, that almost look like they belong more to the beige family. I gotta say, I'm starting to like the lipstick already.

The packaging looks very much promising, it looks exactly as the price is worth. It's black, simple and elegant. I love the fact that they included Kate Moss' signature on the cover. It made me feel like Kate Moss personally signed it for me. The texture of the tube feels like matte. It's made of plastic, so it's very lightweight. A Rimmel logo, is digitally etched on the metal part of the lipstick tube. On the top of the plastic lid is an etched crown icon, that is also part of Rimmel's logo. I'm rating this very high, as it will not cause my make up bag to be too heavy! (hahaha)

As for the product itself, each tube contains 0.14 oz or 4 g worth of lipstick. At first, I was a little skeptical about the amount of product. I feel like I might just use this for a very short time. To me, it's a little bit not what I expected. Though, I'm not gonna lie, this product's perfect description would be "a little goes a long way". True enough, after a few months of using this product, I was still able to see its triangular shape, just like it looked like, when I first opened this product.

I tested the product, since it is supposedly long lasting. I have to say the product's ability to stay on the lips varies depending on the events. I'm very much happy with it to stay for a good 6 hours, when I was at work. Although there is just a slight problem as to when I drink from a glass. I get a little bit of lip stains. Since I like to stay hydrated, I drink a lot, though my lips did not show that much signs of bear spots on my lips, which I find okay. I always assume that when lipstick does not wear off easily, it could and might contain high levels of lead.

I'm very much certain that this lipstick is very safe and uses quality ingredients. As I said to my previous post about "Let's Get Real With Acne", My skin is very very very sensitive. This lipstick did not cause me to breakout near the lips and cheek areas. It is lightly scented, but it does not bother my skin. I love how it smells on my lips and that it doesn't irritate my sinus that much. Lastly, DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS THING IS IMMORTAL? I swear it is super duper immortal! By that, I mean this lipstick has fallen off the table more than 7 times. I even dropped it face down (with a cap on) and it has not split into half, nor did it stick to the insides of the tube! What is this science?!!

I recommend purchasing "Rimmel Long Lasting Finish by Kate Moss" lipstick, if you like the more subtle natural look. It's perfect for an everyday fresh look, that will give your lips the signature pout just like Kate Moss', without it looking too strong on your outfit. It sells for about $4.92 at (original price) but it is now on sale for $3.94 (as of Sept 1). All Rimmel products are at 20% discount, as a special offer in website, so head on over and purchase one if you'd like.

Let me know which shade you got. I'm also thinking of trying out the other shades! :)

If you're a brand who's looking for influencers to make a review of your makeup line, we'd like to let you know that me and Jamie are up for collaborations. Let's talk about make - up! Send us a message at :)

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Fun Diving at Twin Rocks - Anilao, Batangas


Diving has been one of the top things that I want to do, before I turn 20. There's just something in it that makes me so curious, why people love to do it, ever so often. My father and two brothers started the hobby in the early 2000's. I of course, was too young to even wear a full - on gear. Instead, I opted a safer alternative, until I am ready to explore the sea.

My father is very good friends with the owner of the Bed and Breakfast called "Bontoc in Batangas", where I rented scuba gear and an underwater camera. The owner was kind enough to lend me these things and I am so thankful that he did.

While waiting for the gears to be loaded, the pit of my stomach felt very bad. I'm a very nervous person, to the point that if there is a slight problem, I'll panic immediately. To be fully honest with you, I was skeptical to have done this. One, it's cause my anxiety has reached overboard. Two, I CAN'T SWIM. Yes, I admit it. I cannot swim for my life. This is why I felt twice as scared, even before hoping into the boat. I prayed to God for my dear life!

Luckily, I was accompanied with two other professional divers. They taught me the most basic signs for when I needed to go back to the boat, or if I'm having a very hard time to equalize. My mind was in full - on panic mode, trying to remember everything the divers said. All I could remember was a "HELP ME" sign floating in my brain. hahaha!

It was game time, as soon as they were done cleaning the scuba gear. I put my SD card in the camera, tested it out, then put on my swim boots. I felt a little better, when I stepped into the water. We started walking, until the water swallowed us. I could not believe what I was seeing beneath me, as I submerged my head into the water.

There is no perfect word to describe what this is. I was seeing a different side of life away from dry land, for the first time. I felt like a mermaid for a second, then I realized I wasn't, cause I suck at breathing properly though the oxygen tank. Panic, yet again! My face, mouth and lungs felt so bad, I needed to take a brake, so we found a tall rock and stood there for a bit. The diver told me to relax and take a deep breath. He was right. I needed to relax.

I thought of the best possible chance of what I can see under. I said to myself that I might see a really cool, rare fish or a sea turtle or maybe Flounder! I distracted myself by taking pictures and started to feel my panic go away. I was one with my mind, completely at peace again.

I got a little too carried away, I thought I had lost sight of the diver who was with me at that time. I looked left and right but he wasn't there. When I turned back, the diver pointed something or someone from a distance. Silly me, thinking it was a shark from afar, only to know that it was just another fellow diver. (I was told later on, that they were working for Nat Geo! *COOL*)

My eyes have not seen such beauty as this. Just a few feet away from me, was a school of fish. They were as big as a foot, all swirling into a cone like direction. It was such a breathtaking moment!

On the way back to the boat, I found Marlin and Nemo! They were so comfortable seeing a human right in front of their eyes. No fear, No doubt. I wish I was as brave as them. In life, is what I mean.
Looking back, I remembered what I had learnt, when I was younger. That the Sea can lift you effortlessly. I cannot drown, unless I learn to float.

I tried all my might to take off my gear. No life vests. No nothing to support me. I tried to be calm, thinking I would be fine, if I just let my body float in the water. Miraculously, I was floating fearless! My friend was so happy to have witnessed me, conquering my fear of sinking!

We couldn't help but to celebrate for a job well done! (This was taken just after I took off my gears and vest. See how happy we were of my achievement)

 "to my friend, thank you for believing that I can do anything."

If you'd like to do a fun dive, I suggest to go to Anilao Batangas. It's only a 2-3 hour drive from Manila! I recommend staying at "Bontoc in Batangas", Bed and Breakfast. They have great food, service and interior, PLUS you can rent scuba gears and a boat. Talk about convenient for your fun dive trip with friends! Look for Romy, he knows a lot of diving spots! You can also ask him, if he could take you to the twin rocks (the place where I took pictures of the school of fish)

For questions, tips and advice, feel free to send me an e-mail at or you can reach me by sending a direct message at my instagram @katdannug :)

Photos & Words by Kat

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Gathering – A two hour road trip near Manila


My friends and I have not seen each other, for a little over a year since graduation. We thought that it was a perfect time for a weekend road trip, so we packed our bags and left Manila at the crack of dawn. We were headed to a province at the east, where there are famous waterfalls and Eco activities around the area. It was so funny how we planned this trip the whole year, we just decided it was time. We had problems looking for a right schedule but finally, we were able to fit this little reunion in one weekend.

We drove a good hour on a zigzag road that felt like it wasn’t going to end. (Note to self: eat breakfast before leaving the house, so that you won’t feel any dizziness or light headedness). At last for what seemed to take forever, we finally came to a place where there were pine trees. We had parked the car and took our cameras with us. My friend Lyndon had been telling me this place since he wanted to do a fashion shoot here someday.

We came to this place at 9 in the morning. Words cannot express how beautiful it was there. We could smell the pine trees just a few feet away, upon entering the gate. Three dogs greeted us with barks and howls. A gate keeper appeared from a distance with a child beside her. She was very kind enough to show us around.

We then immediately took pictures before the sky became too dark. We’ve always wanted to take pictures by a scenery like this, since we thought it would look good for our Facebook display picture. Oh how the laughter and excitement filled the air. My friend told me to pose for the camera, so I did. (I never manage to be so serious when I’m the one being photographed. This is the best blogger pose impression that I could do 😂😂😂)

After a few minutes, the gatekeeper came back and told us that there’s another place by the woods where we could all hang out. At first we felt a little scared since we will be going down the hill all by ourselves but we managed to take the risk. The three of us came down cautiously. I knew I had to take a picture of this moment. Of all of our past adventures, I never thought we would be doing something as memorable as this again. Two years had past since our last nature outing, I have to say that it has not changed at all. Lyndon would be the first one to lead the way, Bea following behind and then there’s me at the last, documenting our travels.

This place is so beautiful, imagine seeing it up close in person. I wish I could take more pictures of this place at sunset. Imagine how lively the place would look like if the sunlight was a little more tame and bright orange. I am completely in love with this place! I recommend stopping by Munting Gubat at Tanay Rizal. It is right across the restaurant and art gallery place called Paseo Rizal Restaurant. This place caters to a group of 5-6 friends who loves to do picnic together. There is even a bonfire place by the pine trees as shown earlier. If you and your friends would like to have an exclusive get together, then this is the place to hang out.

“to more adventures with my friends, may our memories stay forever with us ’til the end.”

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Photos & Words by Kat

Friday, September 2, 2016

Why I Love Makeup

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You guys, it’s no secret that I love makeup because it hides all the (physical) imperfections – pimples, blemishes, acne scars, you name it. I’ve been using makeup since 2012, and I have never looked back since then. Well, it definitely feels nice to be barefaced too as we have to let our skin breathe once in a while, no doubt about that… but I just feel ready to face the world with makeup on. On that note, I’ll be sharing some beauty products I’m thrilled to test!

Bless these heaven sent MAC Studio Fix powders – I just had to restock because I’ve been using mine a lot. I’m almost close to finishing it, by the way. It does the job especially when you want the no-makeup/everyday look, but I use it over foundation also. If I could pick just one product, then this would be it. It minimizes all of my pores (because I wasn’t born with a clear skin) and makes me look presentable for the day.

I’ve wanted to try this MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy ever since I read about it on beauty blogs. It does wonders for most people, so why not give it a try? I immediately took the opportunity to get one & see how it works – on my naturally thick eyebrows. You see, there are days wherein I wish I had straight, korean-looking brows (Oh the effects of watching kdramas), or even barely there ones… but gotta embrace what I was born with!

Can you guess which shades I picked for free??? It’s my first time to own one (technically two out of three because I’m giving a tube to my mom) – so imagine me researching about every shade. Believe me, I absolutely love MAC lipsticks but they’re kind of expensive as compared to other drugstore brands. Yes, you get what you pay for – but at times it’s also acceptable to be practical about things. I don’t know about you, but I would rather eat somewhere delicious or save the money than buy one tube. Most of my lippies are just the affordable ones (which I’ll be doing a separate post about each one soon!).

Fun fact: Once you turn from being a hobbyist to a professional photographer, you really can’t spend on anything else anymore without breaking the bank. That’s how expensive the gear is in this line of work, lol

It’s about time I got a brush cleanser because I usually use the soap + water combination. Now that we’re on it, did you know that I used to have only one brush for the foundation – powder – blush – contour – highlight routine? I know, it sounds bad and really wrong… So, I got a brush set after many years!!! (Will also blog about it, so stay tuned!) As for the eye makeup, that’s a completely different story. I used to love experimenting about eyeshadows and the like, but I have become mindful. I barely put anything on now and I only use Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler on days wherein I want my lashes to pop out. You could say I’m lucky because I have an ok set of lashes, long enough that I don’t even need extensions. I’ll let you in on a secret… My mom used to trim my eyelashes when I was little, so it’s probably why I got these gems. HAHA but seriously, I don’t know – maybe gotta thank the genes?

Oh, on becoming mindful with eye makeup… It’s because the last time I tried to use this certain brand’s curler (I won’t namedrop, but I’ll probably tell you guys if you ask)… I developed a chalazion. Thankfully, it went away on its own after a year because the stubborn me refused to have it removed, lol.

With that, I am very picky with what I use for my eyelids + face now and so far, so good. In case you were wondering, I always use different brands of makeup remover cleansing towelettes. Most of them I get from our trips to Subic, and I have deviated from using oil. Not to mention I regularly use St. Ives and blue oil control films. You have no idea how many films I get to use in a day! Let’s say, 3… Super oily skin, indeed. Growing up with acne wasn’t that easy, as I have been to countless dermatologists and spent as much with the hopes of having a clear skin. The thing with acne is that it pulls you down, lowers your self-esteem, makes you dislike yourself, and leaves you with scars.

However, with makeup on – I feel like myself again.

Photos & Words by Jamie